This feature requires Downtime Tracking enabled on your machine.

1. Select a schedule

For more information on creating machine schedules, see New Schedule Creation.

To edit an existing schedule, select the desired schedule from the list displayed, and select the  icon.

For more information on creating machine schedules, see Changing & Editing Schedules.

2. Create “Non-Production” Shifts

For the desired time periods, create a shift designated as a Non-Production shift and assign it to the necessary time periods.

Use shift templates to find a pre-made shift schedule to fit your needs. A temp – 2/8/5 or 3/8/5 schedule has built-in shifts for weekends pre-designated as non-production (No Prod) shifts.

3. Apply Assigned Downtime

For more information on downtime tracking, see Performance & Downtime

From the Menu, select Downtime Tracking.

From the histogram on the Assign page, find and select the designated No Production shift for your machine.
Use the date selection tools (found by clicking the  icon at the top) on the Assign page to find the specific time frame you’re looking for.
Choose the category Scheduled and code Scheduled Downtime, then hit the  icon to save.

See also:

Assigning Downtime Codes

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