ei3 provides a few options for tracking machine downtime. Depending on your machine type, you may need to change to the proper downtime tracking method in order for accurate data tracking and downtime monitoring to be in effect on your machine.

There are seven options for downtime tracking methods:

  • None/Exclude: Downtime Tracking is disabled on the machine. (Even if the Downtime Tracking application is active).
  • Based On Material Produced: Downtime tracking is based entirely off produced material from the machine.
  • Based on Material Produced + Events: Downtime tracking is based on machine events in addition to produced material.
  • Based On Instantaneous Speed: Machine downtimes are tracked based off current speed of machine.
  • Based On Machine State: Downtime is tracked off of the machine’s current state.
  • Based On Machine State + Events: Downtime tracking is based on machine events in addition to its current state.
  • Based On Machine Events: Downtime on the machine is tracked solely based on machine events.



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