Not seeing downtime codes? You may still have to create them. See Creating Downtime Codes

From the Menu, select Downtime Tracking > Manage Codes.

Select a machine from the selection bar at the top of the page.


Use the Enable checkbox to enable the selected code for the designated machine. Check the Notes box to require a note to be entered when the downtime code is selected during downtime code assignment.

If your machine has been set up with automatic downtime assignment, you can use the PLC Code box to enter the corresponding PLC codes to each respective downtime code in order to have them automatically assign.

Lastly, choose a downtime type from the selection column. You can read about each downtime type and how each one works here.

Once you’ve completed these steps for each desired downtime code, scroll to the bottom of the list and hit the Save  icon to apply your changes.

For easy duplication of machine codes, use the import and export functions . Copy codes from one machine to another with only a few clicks.

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