The ping graph function presents network connectivity graphs for both the location and machine connections.  All dates and times shown on the graphs are in the UTC time zone.

Access the ping graph from various areas of the application by clicking the  icon. A pop-up window will open displaying two ping graphs (explained below).

ping graph sample

Ping (Red) – The red line on the graph simply presents the connectivity state of the connection.  When the connection is online, then the value is 1, when the connection is offline, then the value is 0. Typical reasons for an offline connection are when the machine connection device is powered off or has a disconnected cable to the location connection.

Ping Response (Green) – The green line on the graph presents the average time (in seconds) for a network ping to be responded to by the machine connection.  Lower ping response times represent a healthy network connection and are therefore better than longer ones.

Location Ping Graph (Top) – The top ping graph represents the location connection.

Machine Ping Graph (Bottom) – The bottom ping graph represents the machine connection.

Time Period Selection : Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour – Radio button selections are available to examine connectivity graphs over various time periods.

Refresh – The refresh button will cause the ping graphs to be refreshed with present data.

Print – The print button will present the web browser’s print dialog.

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