How to set or change the Quality component of OEE calculations for a machine that is not able to determine the quality of the material it is producing

With the correct data points set up in ei3, a machine can be set up such that ei3 will automatically calculate its OEE quality metrics. For ei3 to automatically evaluate a machine’s quality output, any two of the three following types of material counters must be available from the machine controls: total material produced, good material produced, and bad material produced. If at least two of these three counters are not available from the machine controls, then ei3 provides an option to input the machine’s quality output via user entry. This article explains how ei3 users can set or change the percentage of quality output that is being produced by the machine, so that will become the Quality component used in evaluating OEE for the machine.

How to enter the value for the percentage of quality output of the machine

Go to one of the following two web pages and click the link for entering quality metrics manually. If you don’t see it, then skip to the last section at the bottom of this article to show how an ei3 admin user can change the settings for the machine in ei3.

Option 1: Customer Portal > Dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to the Dashboard page in the Customer Portal. In the Production quadrant, where Quality is measured, you will see an Edit icon . Click this to make changes manually to your machine’s Quality metrics.

Option 2: Customer Portal > Tools

Step 1: Navigate to the Tools page in the Customer Portal. At the top of the grey menu bar on the left of the web page, is the link “Manual Quality”. Click this to make changes manually to your machine’s Quality metrics.

Step 2: Click the either the Manual Quality or “edit” icon link on those web pages

Step 3: Enter a value for the percentage of quality output of the machine. The number entered will be used for the quality component of OEE that is evaluated for the machine from the selected date going forward.

When the machine is running, the material produced will have a certain quality output which can be described as a percentage of total output of the machine (another way to describe this quality metric is Yield).  A value of 0% for a machine’s Quality output means that all of the material produced was counted as Waste, and a Quality value of 100% means that all of the material produced was counted as good material.

This will take you to the Tools menu, where Manual Quality is listed. Click the New icon  to enter a new Quality value for the machine’s output.

Enter the date using the Calendar date selector tool from which you’d like the new Quality percentage value to be applied to all OEE calculations. All OEE calculations from that date forward will use the new Quality value (starting at midnight of that day).

Next, enter the Quality Value percentage value and click Save .

It can take up to 24 hours for the metrics on your Dashboard and Remote Monitoring pages to update to the new Quality numbers.

All production made from that date will be considered to have the quality output (Yield) as per the number entered in as a percentage.

When you need to change or update this percentage value of quality output again later, you can do so by clicking the edit icon to enter a new value and date from which the new value will be applied.

How to change ei3 user and machine settings so users can enter the percentage of quality output of the machine

Note: If these functions are not available to you, please contact your local ei3 site administrator for assistance.

A Customer Portal user with any level of Admin privileges for the location will have sufficient permissions settings to perform this function. If the desired user has Admin privileges, skip to the last section to review the Machine settings.

The minimum permission needed for a Customer Portal non-admin user to be able to use this function for a given machine is Read/Write for the Customer Portal application for the machine. To check that the user has at least this permission level:

  • Go to Admin Tools > Users and search for the username of the desired user, then click the User Permissions icon  to open the permissions for that user.
  • Check that the user’s permission setting for the machine of interest is set to at least Read/Write for Customer Portal on that machine.

If the user permission settings are correctly set but the Edit icon for setting manual machine quality is still not visible from the Dashboard page, then the machine settings were not configured for user entry of the quality value. This setting is currently available only in the ei3 Remote Service administrative settings, which requires a Remote Service admin user login. If you do not have this level of access, please contact your local ei3 site administrator, or contact ei3 directly at

While logged in as a Remote Service admin user, navigate to Admin >  Machines and search for the desired machine. Click the Edit icon  to open the machine settings page. Scroll down to find the checkbox for “Automatic Quality” and uncheck it. Then click Save  at the bottom of the page.

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