• Log into the Customer Portal with your ei3 credentials.
  • If directed to the Company tab, search for your company.

  • Click on the Life Cycle tab.

Click on User Configuration in the left menu to configure your InTouch credentials.

  • Enter your InTouch username and password.
  • Select the InTouch cart Release Mode.
  • Enter PO Number. This is required if the selected Release Mode is Monthly or Weekly.
  • Click on the Save icon  to save any changes.

Click on Cart in the left menu to view items that are currently in the InTouch cart.

Click on Quotes in the left menu to view the ei3 Quotes.

The following actions are available on the Quotes page:

 Configure the details for the selected quote.

 Create a new quote.

 Edit the selected quote.

Delete the selected quote.

Click on Quote Details in the left menu to view the details of any quote.

These details can be edited  or deleted  by clicking on the respective icons in the Action column.

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