This page describes the general principles that apply when you try searching for things in ei3.

Some searches also have dedicated FAQ articles that describe special features or keywords available. The easiest way to obtain this information is clicking the “?” icon next to the search field directly in ei3 (if available). A popup will appear, describing the general search tips and the advanced search options (this information is exactly the same as what can be found on this FAQ page). If an FAQ article containing more details exists, the aforementioned popup will contain a link to it:

If the popup does not contain any additional links, it means that the search is very straightforward and only based on the fields visible on the page. Such searches do not have any additional special features or keywords.

General Search Tips

On the most general level, all you need to do is type the terms you would like to search for.

  • All search is case insensitive.
  • Enter * (star) as the only search term to see all records.
  • Enter several terms separated by spaces to only see results that contain both terms, e.g. press london.
  • If the search term you are interested in contains spaces, enclose it in double quotes, e.g. “great lakes”.
  • You can use the wildcard character * before or after any term to indicate that successful matches should start or end with the given term, e.g. *ville or press*.

Advanced Search Options

  • Combine terms with and or & to only see results that contain both terms, e.g. press and london.
  • Combine terms with or or | (pipe) to see results that contain either one of them, e.g. press | pump.
  • Enter not or ! before a term to only see results that do not contain this term, e.g. not pump or !pump.
  • You may group terms using parentheses to help with readability, e.g. press and (not “great lakes”).
  • In complex queries, stick to one style when combining terms: use either words (and, or, not) or symbols (&, |, !). Mixing styles will not work.

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