Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Services Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


Job Tracking, Simplified -This release includes a brand new feature for machine operators who want a simple way to track the productivity of their jobs or work orders. This new job tracking user interface has been integrated with our Downtime Tracking module. It provides a single, convenient place for operators to assign reason codes to downtime events, and inform the system when they’re starting and stopping jobs, or updating the job target speed. Saved changes are applied immediately to current running jobs.

Users can start and stop jobs and change a job’s target speed simply by selecting a downtime event in the histogram chart on the Assign web page, then enter the relevant job information and save it. Productivity analysis of your jobs will be performed automatically, with results available in all the existing standard reports and displays. You can read more about using this function in this article.

Enhanced automatic downtime code assignment features – Several of our customers have requested a new way for the ei3 system to manage the automatic assignment of reason codes for downtime events, based on information coming directly from the machine control systems. Some operators want downtime events to be divided and assigned with every primary code emitted by the controls as they occur, and leave downtime periods where no code is emitted by the controls as unassigned.

Other operators want to assign a code that’s emitted by the controls to the entire downtime period in which the code occurs, back to the beginning of the downtime event including the time period in which no code was appearing. We call this feature the “backfill” method, where a code is assigned back to the beginning of the relevant event. To select which of these new treatment methods is used on a given machine, we’ve added a simple checkbox in the Admin section for the machine.

New release of ei3 Mobile Portal – Our popular mobile app now has even more features and useful navigation tools.

More control over SaaS product subscriptions – With this release we’ve updated the administrative user interface and provided more visibility and control for managing the ei3 SaaS product application subscriptions. The comprehensive update will provide more flexibility for our partners to better manage the myriad scenarios they experience across their organization and their broad end customer base. Key features of this new system are:

 – “Tacit” (automatic renewal) subscriptions are now managed with automatically generated renewal activations, for more accurate record-keeping and greater visibility, and for better integration with partner billing systems

– ei3 Admins can now set up renewal subscription changes to occur in the future, by creating discrete, advanced renewals that will activate automatically when the selected dates are reached. This provides additional flexibility and control to preset changes in activation dates, subscription plans, billing parties, or warranty information that are known in advance. Once they’re set up, the system will take care of everything automatically.

For detailed instructions and guidelines on how to use this new interface, see this article.

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