Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


  • More major updates to our new and improved data visualization tools in the INSIGHTS Overview dashboards in the ei3 Portal.  Now ei3 users will be able to create new dashboards even faster by using a new option to add different badges for multiple machines at the same time, and the tool will watch for duplicates and warn you. You can also create and display your dashboards in a separate, standalone application, suitable for big-screen displays or trade shows, and we’ve added an “undo” button to aid in editing the dashboards. Click here to learn more about the new dashboard-related features.
  • Searching in ei3 has been made easier. We have added popup help guides in all the search bars in SERVICE and some in the Customer Portal as well. Specific, searchable parameters available with some Admin search fields will be described in Knowledge Base articles linked from the in-situ popups. Users can just click on the new “?” icons next to the search bars to learn how to search more efficiently.
  • Admin users will now be able to control the number of significant digits displayed for their machine data in the INSIGHTS Overview dashboards, the PRODUCTION Data Dashboard, and MONITOR data charts. Admins can uniquely set the number of decimal places to be displayed for each floating data type data point – and enjoy more logical and user-friendly dashboards and charts.
  • Investigating reported downtime events has been made even easier. DOWNTIME users analyzing downtime pareto results can already drill down to retrieve details of individual category or code summaries simply by clicking a bar in the pareto chart. Now users can navigate from the individual downtime events in the Downtime Details table directly to the DOWNTIME > Assign screen where that event took place, by clicking the desired downtime event in the table. Then on the Assign page they can review the surrounding details of the queried downtime event and make any adjustments desired.
  • Instead of average speed in units of cycles per hour, Productivity reports generated specifically for Injection Molding Machines will now show average actual cycle times reported by the machine for the reported time periods, and the target cycle times for the respective molds and products run on the machine, to better align with IMM customs. To fully enable this feature, the target speed for each mold must be set by the local ei3 user in PRODUCTION > Job Management > Operations > Grid View icon under the Action column, and a new ei3 Tag Type “Cycle Time” must be assigned to the machine’s respective data point. For additional reference, in ei3 when target speeds are entered for each machine and mold combination, then OEE Performance will be evaluated using the target speed instead of machine maximum speed for Job, Product, or Tool Performance reports. The default for any “Product” mold file target speed will use the machine maximum speed until updated by the local admin user.
  • Lastly, a mandatory update is coming for the ei3 VPN Service software installed on all ei3 SERVICE users’ computers, that is required to perform remote service sessions. This minor update is required to update its security certificate. Users will be prompted to download and install the new version before proceeding with another service session. We recommend scheduling a few minutes to accomplish this required update before the next remote service session is needed.

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