Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the SERVICE Application and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


ei³ Corporation is delighted to announce the latest release of its ei³ SERVICE and Customer Portal applications.
Included in this update are:
  • SERVICE remote session users can access desired machine devices using either the Argo IP Address or now also the local IP Address. This applies to all existing and future networks. This change makes it unnecessary to use ei³’s Enodia software to reach the local IP Address of devices, but Enodia will continue to work as expected for users who have grown accustomed to it.
  • Introducing version 2 of the ei³ Managed Secure “Argo” Network: several improvements for administration and use of SERVICE. For more information click here
    • Encryption of data traffic on the Shop Floor LAN between Amphion green and red boxes can optionally be enabled by SERVICE admin users, if the local customer installation requires it to be so. There’s a simple checkbox on the Edit Network page for version 2 networks to enable encryption.
    • All newly created networks will be created in version 2. You can create up to 99 machines on each network, and you can add an unlimited number of devices to each machine on a version 2 network.
    • Each Amphion red box and all its machine devices now use only one Argo IP Address on the Shop Floor LAN, no longer requiring a subnet block for the machine LAN. Hence, Shop Floor LANs as defined for the Amphion green boxes can be configured to use fewer than 256 addresses when a particular installation requires it.
  • Introducing push notification alerts and our first two embedded links in our INSIGHTS Overview badges:  
    • Push notification alerts are now indicated in the Info icon of each badge, with a link to the Alert Center to see the alert details. Alerts will appear for any active product on the machine.
    • Machine Downtime badges contain links to take you directly to the selected downtime event in the respective machine’s DOWNTIME > Assign page.
  • Navigation improvements have been added to the Alert Center. Users with access to more than one location can now select all locations, an individual location, or an individual machine to see all the relevant push notification alerts they have set up.
  • SERVICE super admins have gained the ability to change a user’s username in the user profile. Until now, the username field was only editable when creating a new user profile.

For more information about ei³’s applications, features, and tools, please check our ei³ Knowledge Base.


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