Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


Another major upgrade for our Lifecycle app has arrived, and includes new abilities to track, monitor, and display tools moving across locations or companies, upgrades to the overview page for more than 25 machines, and added abilities to remove Lifecycle group functions or install an existing part on a machine.

For ei3 users who want to add a lifetime cycle counter, total running hours, or other types of data counters to their machines or devices, we’re introducing a data Accumulator function. Available as a simple checkbox in the Edit Data Point page, this function will accumulate the sum of each value of data read from the designated data point of the device. When used in combination with a delta-value Scale Type, the Accumulator will sum only positive delta-values and ignore negative delta-values. This feature is designed to allow for creating total lifetime material counters where an operator may reset the counter on the machine, causing the delta-value to go negative which will then be ignored for the accumulating total material value.

To aid in monitoring critical device data on machines with more than one device, we’ve upgraded our data value threshold monitoring alerts with the addition of options to watch out for NULL, not NULL, changing, or not changing data values.

ei3 admin users will now be able to use the power of our Amphions to assign static IP addresses to DHCP-enabled devices on their machines, to securely control access to, and manage data traffic to and from those devices. This function is available as a simple checkbox in the Edit Device page, which will take the MAC address of the device to reserve the IP address.

This release includes the third tool of our new suite of powerful moving-related tools for our Remote Service administrators is adding the ability to move Amphion networks within and across their universe of customers. This release provides a tool to move entire networks, including all machines, devices, data, and historical records, from one customer location to any other.

ei3 admin users can now allow end customers to access the data directly from the Amphion Edge OPCUA server without requiring password authentication.

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