Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


ei3 Corporation is delighted to announce the latest release of its ei3 remote service and remote monitoring applications.

Included in this update are:
– The initial release of a new alert notification system, that will include a web and mobile push notification option for all alert types in MONITOR, PRODUCTION, DOWNTIME, RECIPE, QUALITY, and LIFECYCLE. The new system is starting with web-based notifications and a new Alert Center located in the main menu bar, where all the historical activities will be logged for alerts configured to use the new system. Push notifications can be added to existing alerts by simply adding a list of desired, valid ei3 userID’s to the alert setup.

– The initial release of a new LINKS feature, also available to all Customer Portal users in the main menu bar, in which users can add their own links for convenient navigation. Added links can point outside ei3 apps, such as to an internal company ERP or Sharepoint site, and be shared with other ei3 users within the same company. In addition, this feature includes a list of standard shop floor displays that are available for the user’s machines, with integrated links to launch the displays.

– A new standard report for our LIFECYCLE users, that provides the total number of predictions generated for each machine, by severity, and the quantity of preventative maintenance items performed, by location and by machine, along with PM item severity.

– A new INSIGHTS-Overview badge designed specifically for CNC Machine Tool machines, to reflect the more complex evaluation of those machines for productivity and performance.

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