Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


Ei3 is delighted to announce the initial, limited release of a new user-administrable data collection system. This release brings a method of collecting a discrete, user-defined set of data from an OPC-UA capable device, in an on-demand basis, where the trigger for collecting the desired data is provided by the device itself. We call this new method “trigger-based” collection. The time interval between trigger-based data sets is defined by the device providing the data, independent from other simultaneous collection processes.

We have improved the security and user experience of password resets, utilizing an automated emailing system. When Users or their system administrator wants to reset a User password, the system will automatically generate a new temporary password and email it directly to the user. This process is more secure and prevents even the administrators from knowing the temporary password.

When a Downtime Tracking administrator inadvertently adds a duplicate downtime code for a machine at their location of choice, in Downtime Tracking > Admin Tools, the error is detected and a clear message is displayed to the user informing them of the error.

Our data charting tools in Remote Monitoring have been improved to adopt a more common, square wave method for displaying BOOLEAN data values, in both single and multi-line plots. In addition, user-defined units for those values can be used to reflect the data displayed, such as on/off, true/false, etc.

Improved administrative user-experience is provided by additional error detection applied to network subnet mask inputs, to help our administrators avoid typos and invalid network definitions in these areas.

Our Recipe Management users can now benefit from new APIs developed to integrate Andon displays with running recipe alerts. Factories using Andon displays showing production status of their machines can now use these APIs to visuallly display when either machine recipe settings or their feedback values exceed prescribed thresholds, to help them prevent quality deviations in real time.

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