Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


  • Push notifications are coming to the ei3 Mobile Portal apps. With this next version of our free mobile apps, we’re introducing the Mobile Portal Alert Center, to receive push notification alerts and quick links to the relevant data for them. The Alert Center will contain a log of alerts and notify the smartphone owner of new alerts as they occur. This update will be available once the app stores’ reviews are completed.
  • To streamline reporting at the company level for all our customers, the newly expanded Remote Service Sessions report is now also available in the ei3 Customer Portal. Now our end customer location admin users can also run a report for their entire division or company, instead of just for a given location.
  • To designate when devices of a machine are to be used for different purposes, ei3 SERVICE admin users can now create a duplicate device on a machine when the IP address is the same. The duplicate will not count toward the subnet limit of available IP addresses.
  • Users can now select and copy text from badges in the INSIGHTS Overview To facilitate this update, we’ve added a dedicated “move” icon for moving the badges around to their preferred location. Users can still create and save their own dashboards for dedicated personal views such as lines, work cells, or problem machines.
  • “Customer” is becoming “Location”. We’re further streamlining the new web user interface we introduced this year with the simplification and clarification of both our SERVICE and customer portal menu items and terminology. With the most visible change we are replacing the term “Customer”, which in ei3 designates the location site of our end customers’ factories, with “Location”.
  • The next release of our beta SUSTAIN application: this is an app for sustainability tracking of manufacturing operations that will provide a visual representation of the energy used on the manufacturing floor. In this update, we’re integrating global electric grid data for proper calculations of carbon emissions.

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