Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Services Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


We’ve added the capability for ei3 administrators to set up and manage machine data points without having to first activate the Customer Portal product. The data points can now be accessed directly in the Remote Service administration pages, under Admin > Data Points.

In order to further expand the user capabilities of ei3, this release prepares to support the Japanese language across all ei3 web applications. In order to complete the validation effort of this project we are performing a limited production release, with a full release planned in the next cycle.
In support of our ISO 27001 certification and ongoing cybersecurity initiatives, we are removing the integrated online Customer Portal Help sections and consolidating all of our online support menus in the ei3 Knowledge Base.
Ei3 will be performing a periodic network system maintenance which will include a brief interruption to machine connections. During this time, you may notice the network or machine connection status indicators temporarily show a lack of connection.  The historical ping graphs will also show a dip in connectivity for 5-10 minutes.
To facilitate the role of machine operators on factory floors who are using ei3 to load recipes onto their machines, we are redefining the recipe management “read/write” permissions to function specifically for their use. The new Recipe Management permissions for a given machine will behave as such:
  • Read Only: Users can search for and view recipes and can run reports for recipes.
  • Read Write: In addition to the read only permissions, users with this permission level can load recipes to a machine. (from the Catalog > Load page, the last icon for Load Recipe is enabled)
  • Administrator: Users have all the above permissions, including the ability to create/edit/delete recipes. Admin users can also create/edit/delete recipe alarms and alerts.
  • Also note that while all users can view the information available from the Recipe Optimizer tool, only Admin users can use the Optimizer tool (available by selecting the Optimize Selected Recipes icon just below the recipe information).

When setting up a new S14 Amphion device, the DNS fields are no longer required when the “Use DHCP” box is checked.


Ei3’s API methods are very powerful and comprehensive, and some of our users have requested us to provide more documentation. For this we have implemented a new, modern interface to now clearly display all of the methods with an integrated tool to explain how each is used, for any machine in the Customer Portal. You can view the complete documentation in the Customer Portal, under Tools > API Access. You can also view the complete list of calls here:

Users of our Downtime Tracking’s Tablet Mode App will notice several changes to improve usability and access to information:
  • There is now more visibility of which downtime events have a reason code assigned by a user, with a new color coding. A lighter shade of blue shows which events were assigned by a user, and a darker blue shows the system-assigned reason codes.
  • The app now has a quick link that will switch the view of the histogram to display the entire shift at once. Users can quickly toggle between Real Time and Shift views.
  • The number of previous and current shift quantities of unassigned events is now clearly displayed, so users can easily see how many downtime events still need to have a reason code assigned to them.
  • Arrows that quickly move the histogram to the selected time period have been added.
  • App users have requested the ability to add notes to any downtime event, this is now possible using a quick link in the display of any event that has a reason code assigned to it.

To assist customers in managing their own data points, ei3 will look at the length of tag names entered or imported by a user, and if any exceed the limit of 50 characters, an error message will display: “Tag Names must be less than 50 characters”. The point(s) will not be saved until tag names identified have been corrected by the user.

Various security enhancements have been added in this release, including but not limited to:
  • We have improved record-keeping visibility with enhanced change logs for admin users, both in the Customer Portal and the Remote Service Platform. For example, the Product Activations page has improved audit and tracking capabilities.
  • Several additional tools and features have been released to coincide with our new Amphion S14 production release.
  • For our users who are familiar with OPC-UA, it is now possible to manage PLC security credentials automatically with our enhanced OPC-UA administration tools. This is to support the functions provided by some machine builders who implement the security features of OPC-UA in their PLCs for data access.

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