Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Services Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


ei3 is delighted to announce the release of its next generation Amphion, the Amphion S14. The new S14 includes a new technology hardware platform that enables advanced features such as increased bandwidth capability and both higher and variable frequency data sampling rates. This new platform also provides for future planned variants such as embedded wireless integration. Administration and operation of the S14 are the same as the current Amphion Model 14 series, i.e. same LED light patterns, same configuration processes, same installation requirements, etc. This release includes all of the administrative features needed in ei3 to begin using the new S14’s. ei3 will be issuing more marketing materials and a press release shortly; in the meantime sample S14 devices are now available for evaluation and testing by our existing customers. The S14’s will be available for purchase and the current Model 14’s will cease production approximately June 15th.

A machine’s production shift schedule provides a foundation for accurate OEE evaluation and reporting for that machine’s performance. When the schedule isn’t set up correctly in ei3, problems occur that are sometimes difficult to diagnose as coming from an error in the schedule definition. As a result, we’ve added more diagnostic tools to our shift schedule creation tool to detect and inform you when there’s a potential problem, at the time you are creating a new schedule.  
For our Bobst Smart Headset users, we want to ensure that they are aware of whether their headset has the latest firmware that’s available. For this, an information hover-over icon has been added to the Smart Headset information page which displays the latest version information and where to download the firmware if they need it.
And last but not least, we’ve provided for a better user experience for administrators of ei3, by reducing the number of clicks down to one that it takes to activate the ei3 apps on their machines.

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