Below is a list of the most recent changes made to the Remote Service Platform and Customer Portal. See the complete list of past changes and updates here.


The Amphion Edge Device fully user-administrable data collection catalog is now expanded to include XML and Allen Bradley (RSLogix) protocols. ei3 users have complete control of the data collection process for these as well as OPC-UA.

ei3 administrators manage up to hundreds of their OEM company users. Because ei3 provides a highly secure platform for managing access to only those users who have the access rights to see end-customer data, there are multiple layers of security for admins to provide their users the proper access to the correct customers and machines. With this release, ei3 has created a simple one-click checkbox in the administration of users that will automatically provide access for that user to the appropriate end customers and machines as defined by the user permissions.

To improve the process of managing data tags for machines, we have added the ability to export and import data point files to and from machines using Excel files. Using Excel provides for easy data point editing, and the ability to copy and paste many data points in a single action. Read more about it here.

Building on our recently expanded product activation management tools, we’ve made the contract end dates that are displayed to our users smarter. In the Remote Service Machines landing page and in the Customer Portal’s Dashboard, the contract status dates shown on the page or in a web browser’s hover-over text now reflect the future date when the contract will end, will have to be renewed (for admins) or will be invoiced (for customers).

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