Minimum Production Speed is the minimum speed at which the machine is considered to be running in production operation; for most machines it should be set to 1 unit rate of production. This parameter is defined to provide some customers with a method to represent actual machine status for specific machines in a way that is customary to them. For example, it is used for certain types of machines where warm up / start up or cool down / shut down times are significant and not considered to be making production quality material. It is also used for certain types of machines that frequently experience micro-stops, to define when the downtime condition instantaneously measured during a micro-stop should be considered as Uptime.

A Minimum Production Speed is needed to evaluate the machine’s performance in a consistent way in all circumstances, especially with regard to calculations concerning production. It is necessary to insure that in order for the machine to be considered running / producing, a reasonable amount of material is produced per unit of time. The Minimum Production Speed is also used in verification of machine status during rare instances when there is missing data during the period the machine is in operation.

Example: If a machine is capable of producing 300 units per minute, yet only produces 1 unit in a given minute, then it may be appropriate to consider the machine as not “actually producing” during the entire minute because the quantity produced is not a meaningful indicator of normal or abnormal production.  See the following for explanation of the logic here.

Some continuous-fed machines require a slower starting process before reaching a true “production speed”.  This can include “threading” or other similar preparation / make-ready activities which, although they can result in some small number of units being produced, may be inappropriate to be included in productivity calculations.  Setting the Minimum Production Speed higher allows this time and production to be ignored.

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