Note that this function is currently available only for Heidelberg machines.


We’ve created a system for Downtime Tracking wherein machine downtime codes are assigned dynamically as they are encountered by the data collection process. This allows automatic downtime assignment based on machine data trends we’ve gathered over time, and relieves the amount of input required by users of these machines.

Q: Downtime can last as little as a few milliseconds up to 50 seconds – will these downtimes be undetected by ei3 standard downtime tracking?

A: We ignore downtime events that relate to unsampled downtimes.

Q: Multiple events ( have record of just 2 happened a few times a day) happened at the same time. How does the system treat these events?

A: When duplicate events for the same exact begin/end are encountered, we select the first one encountered.

Q: If multiple events occur during one downtime period, what is the rule for splitting these downtimes?

A: We will apply the first downtime reason to the overall D/T event duration.

Q: If no machine events occur during a downtime period, however the machine state changes, do we incorporate machine states into downtime tracking?

A: No.

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