ei3 recommends that your network firewall be configured to allow the Amphion device to reach the following IP ranges:

When the Amphion makes its outbound-only, secure VPN connections to servers in these netblocks, it will connect to destination port 443 (TCP). These ranges include ei3’s VPN and DNS servers in multiple locations, which provide for redundancy and failover capability in the event of network issues, continuous improvement and growth of ei3’s private cloud infrastructure, and smart, regionally-directed services to provide for the most optimum managed secure network connections.

To gain the benefits of these systems, and prevent the need to manually reconfigure network settings each time there is an infrastructure improvement or a need for their failover capability, the Amphion should also be allowed to make outbound DNS lookups on destination port 53 (UDP) to name-servers. The Amphion can use either your company’s DNS servers, or ei3’s DNS servers.

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