Ei3’s connected services grab data in real time from your machines using custom-built security appliances.  These include a master device for the factory floor (the green box),  and individual devices for each machine (the red boxes).  These function to isolate each machine from others as well as from other computers in the factory.   Any network of machines in a factory (connected via red boxes) to a green box creates a secure VPN tunnel to ei3’s data servers, ensuring the best secure network system for your machine data. While this system traditionally requires Ethernet connections (wired connections) between Amphion boxes, it is possible to create a similar secure system using WiFi-enabled boxes to replicate the same process using wireless devices.

The diagrams below show both a traditional wired network of boxes and a WiFi-enabled box network setup.

Shop LAN using Wired Ethernet

Shop LAN using Wireless Ethernet


At ei3, it is our belief that wired Ethernet provides the most secure and reliable method of connection.  This is because:

  • Security risks with insecurely configured WiFi access points. If the security is not correctly set, unauthorized users can connect to your machines.
  • Access Point range can be an issue if the signal extends beyond the walls of your facility.
  • Wifi signal propagation issues can occur if there are walls or ductwork blocking the signal.
  • Environmental factors such as dust, moisture, or electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility can cause poor signal quality and interruptions in the flow of data.

Nevertheless, if you decide to use WiFi rather than Ethernet cables, you can do so by using a properly designed and configured network with Access Points connected to the Shop Floor side of the red and green boxes acting in Bridge mode.

Before going into a wireless configuration, however, keep in mind the following points:

  • ei3 is not responsible for the wifi network performance, this is the installer’s responsibility;
  • ei3 is not responsible for the wifi security.
  • ei3 highly recommends using our secure red-box/green-box system connected directly by cables. This ensures maximum connectivity and security from ei3’s data centers, to your factory LAN and each of your machines.

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