This article describes search features that are specific to the function of search for users in SERVICE > Admin or in the Customer Portal. Click here to find out more about the general search syntax used in ei3 web applications.

The search terms you enter will be applied to the fields visible on this search page (Username, First Name, Last Name etc.) as well as to the user’s Email, Company, location (City and Country) and their API key.

It is also possible to use the following special keywords in your searches (all keywords are case-insensitive):

  • enabled or disabled to narrow down the search results to enabled or disabled accounts, respectively;
  • locked or unlocked to narrow down the search results to locked or unlocked accounts, respectively;
  • nda or nonda to narrow down the search results to users who have or have not signed the NDA, respectively.
  • Several keywords that can be used to narrow down the search results based on the level of access configured for users: superadmin, nonsuperadmin, admin, nonadmin, dashboard, nodashboard, writer or nonwriter; see below for an important note.

Important note: this search targets the exact same fields and keywords whether it is executed from the Customer Portal or from the SERVICE > Admin > Users page. It means that fields such as Company Name, City and Country – not visible in the Portal – are included in the search, and that the keywords targeting access levels do not correspond to the nomenclature used in the Portal, i.e. to Location, Division and Company Admin – but to concepts used in SERVICE > Admin > Users.

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