Sometimes just knowing if a machine is running or not can make the difference between a good or bad day. You probably don’t want lots of messages – but a simple automatic text telling you when a machine is stopped can be a big help. Here’s how to do that.

Every machine has one data point that is defined as an indicator of productivity. If that point is below a threshold then the machine is considered to be “down”. ei3 analytics process that point automatically to decide if the machine is up or down and when it’s down, there’s a downtime clock that keeps track of how long it’s been down.

An alert can be configured to go off when the amount of this down time reaches a limit – in fact many alerts can be created to alert ever-higher people on your team as the amount of down time increases. To set up these alerts you need to have site administrator permission level in ei3. If you are not a site admin, then please ask your site admin to do this for you:

Now you have a working downtime alert. Multiple alerts can be made for the same downtime, and you can create an escalation strategy that would use these alerts to bring different people into the loop as the downtime gets longer and longer.

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