In Job Management, steps can be assigned to specific jobs based on the state in which the job is in. This can be tracked through ei3 or fed in by MES or ERP systems at your facility.

Some jobs use steps, especially in conjunction with other applications such as quality or recipe management. If the same job name shows up on two different machines, ei3 will mark these steps as “Step 1” and “Step 2” even if they both are the first step on their respective machines. To prevent this occurrence, make sure that you use different job names or isolate your machines to different operations.

From the Tools page in the Customer Portal, go to Job Management > Operations

Click the Edit icon  to open the Edit Operations page.

Deselect all but one machine in order to isolate it from the others. This will prevent job steps from jobs of the same name from being tracked across several machines.

Click Save  to record your changes.

To track jobs on the deselected machines, click the New icon  to create a new operation for each of the other machines you deselected earlier.

Provide a name and description, select the machine from the provided checkboxes, and click Save  .

Your jobs will be tracked across all active machines independently, and will not share steps across one another.

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