The Alert Center tracks push notifications of all alerts that are enabled for web and mobile recipients to users of the ei3 web application and the native smart phone Mobile Portal application. There, the user will be able to view the current and previous alerts.

To get to the Alert Center, click on the bell icon à Alert Center as illustrated in the figure below.

The user can filter the displayed alerts based on the ei3 application from which they are generated, by checking and unchecking the boxes next to Alert Types.

In order to enable push notifications on alerts, the user must create or edit an existing alert in the relevant application, as shown below, to add the ei3 usernames of each desired recipient. Note that push notifications will only work for valid usernames.

For example, if we go to Downtime à Alerts and scroll down to the recipients section, you will see a Web / Mobile notification recipient(s) section as illustrated below.

There, you can enter the usernames of the people you would like to receive the push notifications. Make sure to add a comma between every username when entering multiple users. Once done, click on the save icon to save the alert. When the alert meets its conditions, the usernames added in the Recipients section will receive the push notification in the Alert Center on their mobile and web applications.

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