Alerts have colored icons (red, green, or grey) to show the current alert status. In order for an alert to be active, it must have a green status icon  in the Enabled column.

An easy way to tell if an alert is processing is to look at the status icon color.   

 Green status icon: Alert is set.
 Red status icon: machine in an alert condition
 Grey status icon: The alert has not started to be processed.

Each alert has a time element (First Alert after X minutes).    The machine needs to change states at least once for the system to begin processing the correct times for the alerts.

For example, if the machine is offline and you configure an alert for First Alert after 15 minutes, the system does not know how long the machine was offline before the alert was configured.    The machine would need to come online first to activate the alert.   The next time it goes offline, the system can begin the 15 minute count to send the Alert message.

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