To set up and manage the list of default TCP/IP ports allowed for all Amphion MRFD red and black box configuration files generated by your company’s ei3 admin users, follow the instructions below.

NOTE 1: Only Super-Admin users have access to this feature.

NOTE 2: See this article to learn how to manage the list of ports of a specific machine.

In Remote Service, navigate to Admin > Red Box Default Ports or MRFD Default Ports.

You can search the list of currently defined ports by typing in the search bar. Use the * symbol to display a list of all currently active ports.

To add a new port to the list, click on the New icon in the Action column.

Fill in the required fields, turn on or off the relevant TCP and UDP toggle switches for the port, then click Save. The new entry will appear on the list of default ports.

Clicking Edit or Delete on any of the listed entries will allow you to make changes as needed to any of the default ports on the list.

NOTE: New ports added and changes made to any entries on this list will only take effect in Amphion configurations generated by your admin users after the change is saved.

Change History

An historical change audit log is accessible from the top of the Red Box Default Ports page by clicking the icon. The log lists a complete history of activities for each change made to the default ports list.

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