LIFECYCLE Administration

LIFECYCLE is responsible for keeping track of parts and tools that are used on machines that are monitored by ei3.  Not only is the usage of the parts tracked, but also the location of the part at any given time.  The LIFECYCLE app is also able to track recurring preventative maintenance (PM) operations.

LIFECYCLE works by setting up templates, parts, tools, settings, etc. for specific groups of machines. 

For example, groups may be defined for specific models of machines within a product line, or alternatively, for types of auxiliary equipment that may be attached to a machine. The template allows for standardization across groups of machines.  When a new machine is added to ei3 for monitoring, a template can be applied and tracking starts almost immediately. 

It has a globally-used set of prediction algorithms that may be used when determining the actual used life (AUL) of a part or tool, or for calculating when preventative maintenance must be performed. 


After LIFECYCLE has been set up, Maintenance Status and Prediction Status screens will be available, which show detailed information about each assembly or part, such as the current state of predictions, AUL vs EUL, or health scores. If preventative maintenance items are configured, you may view the current status of these. 

There are also reports available such as the Maintenance Performed Report, which lists all of the maintenance items that have recently been completed, and the Maintenance To Do Checklist, which lists all of the pending maintenance items.

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