MONITOR looks at two major pieces of machine information: process data, and injection data. With each of these two items, it is possible to view charts, export data, and run reports. The Monitor feature gives you the ability to chart multiple parameters, check historical data for quality defect information, and alert on any out of process parameters. The Process Data function allows you to generate interactive charts, capable of isolating individual parameters in a multi-line chart.


The Dashboard feature of MONITOR allows users to get a deeper look at the data processes and statistics of an individual machine. Use the machine selection bar at the top of the page to select a machine and view its performance statistics. For more information on navigating the data dashboard, see this article: MONITOR– Data Dashboard – ei3 Knowledge Database

Data Snapshot

Upon selecting the drop down of the MONITOR menu, select the Data Snapshot tab. This provides a general overview of minute data received from a machine. The list can easily be refreshed using the green Refresh button at the top of the list.


To run reports on productivity information, select the Reports tab while in the MONITOR menu.


MONITOR Alerts is a feature of ei3 that lets users configure custom notifications based on conditions related to machine data. Once configured, MONITOR alerts are sent out via text message (SMS), email or mobile notification whenever the parameters of your alert have been reached.

For more information on MONITOR Reports and Alerts see:

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