ei3’s MONITOR application is the ultimate solution for accessing real-time machine and process data, enabling you to optimize performance and prevent unforeseen downtime. Technicians, operators, and maintenance teams can effortlessly review data trends, set up alerts for deviations, and troubleshoot issues proactively. With secure and remote connections, MONITOR provides instant access to invaluable data, allowing users to determine downtime causes, generate reports, leverage real-time insights for optimal production measures, and analyze historic data for trend review. For machine builders and providers, MONITOR offers the ability to improve future machine generations, prevent unplanned downtime through real-time monitoring and alerts, provide best practice guidance to clients, and ensure adherence to service level agreements. With MONITOR, you have the power to maximize efficiency, enhance performance, and drive continuous improvement throughout your operations.

Please note that an active subscription to PRODUCTION is required in order to configure and start data collection.

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