If you get a missing data alert, follow the steps below to check your connection to ei3 and resolve the alert.

1. (If Remote Monitoring is enabled for your machine) From the Remote Monitoring page, check the Data Snapshot for the time stamp of the last successful data read from your machine:

  • If the timestamp is current, then the machine is sending data again.
  • If the data is more than 5 minutes old, proceed to Step 2.

2. Check to see if the machine is powered up and running.

  • If the machine is turned off, then this is most likely the cause of the alert. After powering on the machine, the alert should be resolved.
  • If machine is powered up, then proceed to Step 3.

3. Check the black or red box attached to the machine. Is the gateway light(s) blinking blue?

  • If you see a blinking blue light but cannot get any data or connection, contact care@ei3.com for assistance with resolving this matter.
  • If no blue lights are blinking, there is a communication issue between the amphion box and the machine the connection into the shop floor LAN.
    • Check the Ethernet cables to ensure they secured properly.
    • Contact your IT department to see if anything has changed with the facility network.

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