In some cases, machine OEE may not display correctly. Here are some things you can check when it comes to correcting errors with your machine OEE numbers.

If any of these situations apply to your machines, please contact us to get your machine OEE values to read correctly.


Sample Machine badge on the Overview page.


If you believe your machine badge is not displaying true machine information, let us know and we can investigate or correct the issue.

Some examples of trouble with machine badges include:

  • Badge is not showing machine Availability values correctly
    • This may be a result of inconsistencies in your machine’s set machine schedule. Contact ei3 to have this corrected.
  • Badge is not showing machine speed correctly
    • The machine speed graph or speed value on the left side of the badge are not correct.
    • Maximum speed of graph is too low or too high, which will impact the machine’s overall Performance number.
    • If your machine speed is not correctly set, the machine’s Availability statistics can be negatively impacted, which will affect your OEE values.
  • Machine badge’s Downtime since last run value is incorrect
    • This can be caused by an inaccurately set minimum production speed for your machine. Contact ei3 to have this corrected.
  • Machine badge not showing uptime/downtime correctly
    • In some cases machine badges may not display your machine uptime or downtime properly. Improper values can cause trouble with OEE calculations.

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