ei3’s SERVICE application is the ultimate solution for ensuring “ZERO TRUST REMOTE ACCESS” to industrial networks, bridging the gap between equipment manufacturers and installed machines securely. With SERVICE, machine builders can enhance diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities, minimizing machine downtime for their customers. This enables them to provide secure, remote, and real-time troubleshooting, drastically reducing travel time and cost for service technicians, while also reducing warranty costs and expediting equipment startup. Not only OEMs benefit from SERVICE, but end users as well, experiencing reduced machine downtime and associated losses, a renewed focus on their core business as machine health is taken care of, accurate diagnosis of true downtime causes beyond machine-related issues, and effective mitigation of machine issues that hinder achieving production targets and meeting client deadlines. With SERVICE, you gain peace of mind, increased efficiency, and uninterrupted operations.

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For more information on Remote Service and how to use the SERVICE application, visit the following page: Remote Service – ei3 Knowledge Database

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