Ei3 provides various alerts in the Remote Service Platform, and in the Customer Portal. Alerts are available in the Customer Portal for Remote Monitoring, Downtime Tracking (if said products are active on the selected machine), and in the Remote Service Platform for network and machine connectivity. Each alert page has an Options field which lets you specify the alert conditions such as frequency, duration between, and max number of alerts. The fields are shown and explained below:

First alert after: Whether the alert is for an Amphion coming online or going offline, for remote monitoring data, or for downtime tracking, an alert can be configured to be sent out after a certain duration from the initial time of occurrence.
The number in this text field matches exactly how many minutes after the alert condition is met that the alert will be sent to the recipients. If this field is set to zero, the alert will be sent out immediately (at the time of alert condition occurrence). If set to 10, for example, the alert will be sent 10 minutes from the initial alert occurrence, and will only be sent if the alert condition remains in that state for the complete 10 minutes.

Next alert every: The number in this field will set the alert to be re-sent after a certain amount of time. If the number here is 15, for instance, another alert will be sent after 15 minutes from the first one, if the alert conditions are still met.

Note: The number in this field must be set to a number greater than zero. If this field is set to zero, you will not get alerts.

Max number of alerts: This field allows you to limit the number of alerts which are sent out, after the first, assuming alert conditions are still met. For example, if this field was set to 1, and an alert was sent out, another alert would be sent to the recipients later (based on the time period set in the Next alert every field). If the condition remained for additional time, the alert would not be sent because of the specified max number of alerts being set to 1.

You can think of this field as being titled Max number of additional alerts as it is only counting the alerts being sent out after the first alert.

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