Note: This alert function requires MONITOR to be active on the machine.

A gap in data can occur when a machine cannot connect to the internet, so its data cannot get to ei3.

A data gap alert can be set up for your machine(s) to notify you whenever a gap in data occurs according to the alert parameters that you set. A gap of 10 minutes or more may be defined for each alert set up.

Once configured, data gap alerts are sent out via text message (SMS) or email whenever the parameters of your alert settings have been reached.

Note: a Data Gap alert only triggers when all data for a given machine becomes unavailable. When multiple devices used for data collection are connected to your machine, this means that data is not being collected from all those devices. If you wish to configure an alert when a data gap occurs only for a specific device, please use a Data Threshold Limit alert and use the “NULL” condition for a data point that is being read from this device.

To find more information about defining data gap alerts for machines and for individual devices, please see this article: MONITOR Alerts.

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