Machine Schedule – Overview

From the Tools menu, select the Schedules tab on the left side.

This screen displays a list of all of the current schedules for your machine. From this list, it is also possible to change or delete a schedule.

New Schedule Creation

Clicking the New button in the Action header will allow you to create a new schedule.

The next screen will have several custom fields to allow for the creation of a new schedule for your machine. You can choose a template from the Template selection bar or customize your schedule manually using the appropriate input fields.
Enter a name and description for your schedule, and select a different first day of week, week start time or day start offset if desired.

Read More: Day Start Offset

Now, you must create Schedule Shifts for your new schedule.


Input a name and description for your Schedule Shift, and enter a start time and duration for your shift. Select the days of operation, and if applicable, select the First Shift or No Production check boxes.

It is important that the shift schedule is completely filled out. Gaps in a shift schedule will cause problems with OEE calculations and reports.

Using No Production effectively will impact your machine’s Availability and OEE. For more information on using No Production in your machine schedule see this article.


The Schedule Layout at the bottom of the page will display your schedule’s run times over the week period.

Changing & Editing Schedules

Clicking the  icon next to a schedule on the list will bring up a page allowing you to view and edit an existing schedule.

Here it is again possible to choose a template for your schedule or to customize it to your needs using the input fields.

Once you’ve finished creating a schedule, it’s time to apply the schedule to your machine. See Manage Schedules for more information.


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