When getting ready to start collecting data from your machine using the Amphion Edge device, there are a few steps which you’ll need to make sure are completed first before you get started. These items are listed below.

Verify the Amphion software version

You will need to verify that the Amphion has the right software version on it in order to collect data. You can check the version number in Remote Service, under the Machines tab. Click the Preview Machine icon   and select the Settings tab to view the Amphion’s software version.
For S14 Amphions – the software version should be 4.3.8 or higher.
For Model 14 (A14) Amphions – the software version should be or higher.
If the Amphion has an older software version, it will need to be updated to one of the newer software versions. Read about how to do this here.

Ensure the machine’s devices are correctly set up

Each data collection type requires a certain Device Type be selected in order to allow data collection from the Amphion. Ensure you have selected the right device type from the device setup page for your system, as this will enable the Amphion controls in ei3.
Currently supported device types include the following:Devices compatible with Rockwell, XML, JSON, and eWOD data collection:
  • Rockwell – PLC (MicroLogix, slc505, plc5e)
  • Rockwell – PLC (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix)
  • Bobst – eWOD (Amphion)
Devices compatible with Rockwell, JSON and XML data collection:
  • Generic – JSON (Amphion)
  • Generic – XML (Amphion)
Devices compatible with OPC-UA data collection:
  • Generic – OPCUA

Verify the machine production units and values

Ensure that what you entered in ei3 for the machine’s min/max speed, min production speed, and speed in units, are all set.  These are required for machine Productivity and OEE calculations.
All of this information can be entered in Remote Service, under the Admin > Machines tab. Search for your machine, then click the Edit icon  to open the Edit Machines page to view and change any production values that need adjusting.

Make sure the Data Points are defined properly in ei3

You will need the data points for your machine to be added to the Customer Portal, from Admin Tools > Data Points. You can read more about this process here.
Once you’re certain you’ve imported and/or added the data points for the machine, also make sure all the devices for the machine are configured in ei3 using one of the required special Device Types listed here. If you have any machine devices that use a different communication protocol than those available for the Amphion, contact ei3 for assistance.

Make sure you have set a production shift schedule defined and assigned in ei3

You will need to assign a production shift schedule to your machine before you can start the data collection. Without a shift schedule created and applied to the machine, data will not be collected. You can create a machine shift schedule in the Customer Portal, under the Tools menu, under the Schedules tab. After a schedule has been created, you will next need to assign that schedule to your machine from the Manage Schedules page.

Check that the data collection is active

In the Customer Portal, from Admin Tools > Machines, click the word INACTIVE under the column titled Collection to start collecting data from the Amphion.   You will be prompted with a message to start data collection. It will take a few moments for the system to start data collection on the machine.  Once done, the icon symbol should change from INACTIVE to RUNNING. If the machine is offline, the following message will appear:

Device is presently off-line but will be provisioned within 15 minutes of coming back on-line.

Once the machine is back online, it will take up to 15 minutes for the collection to start. If the machine is online, it will take 2-3 minutes for the data to appear in ei3 on the Snapshot page in Remote Monitoring. If the device associated with all of the data points has not been set to the required Device Types, you will not be able to click the INACTIVE button. With these steps complete, you’re now ready to start collecting from your machine using the Amphion Edge Device. For more details on data collection, start by reading this article for a general overview.

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