The Amphion Edge device is robust and able to handle various types of data collection. This article lists each step required to successfully set up and start collecting data from your devices.

ei3’s data collection services are optimized for an ever-growing list of specific control systems. While the current data collection services available are only for certain automation control system protocols, ei3 can set up collection using any other types – even those which are currently not supported by the Amphion, through its ei3 private cloud services. Contact us for assistance.

When you set up a machine in ei3 for Amphion data collection using one or more of these protocols, you must choose from these predefined device types in ei3 for all of the devices from which you will be collecting data. If you have any devices that are not supported by the Amphion, then you can use ei3’s cloud services for all of your devices simultaneously.

In order to properly set up your data points, here are links to more articles to guide you. If you have any questions, please contact us for additional resources.

Prerequisites to starting Data Collection

What is required before starting data collection on a machine?

Data Point Setup

Amphion Edge Device Collection

Starting, Stopping, and Editing Data Collection

Restarting data collection

Editing data points while data is being collected from your machine

Supported Device Types

The device types that enable Amphion collection of Rockwell or eWOD data are:

  • Rockwell – PLC (MicroLogix, slc505, plc5e)
  • Rockwell – PLC (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix)
  • Bobst – eWOD (Amphion)

The device types that enable Amphion collection of JSON or XML data are:

  • Generic – JSON (Amphion)
  • Generic – XML (Amphion)

The device types that enable Amphion collection of OPC-UA data are:

  • Generic – OPCUA

Other Useful Links

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