These capabilities are only available to admin-level users for certain customers. Editing data points can cause a data collection job to fail – proceed with caution when making changes to machine data points.

To collect data from your machine, we use a set of data points (listed by tag type) tailored to fit your machine’s configuration. Some common data points such as line speed, or total material count, for example, are found on most machines. In some situations, you may want to add, edit, or remove some of these data points.

To see a list of all data points, tag types, and their usage, see this article.

This article describes how to add, edit, or remove machine data points. While some users have the ability to add, edit, or remove the data points on their machines, others may need to contact us for assistance with this process.

Adding Data Points

To understand each field available on the data point creation page, see this article.

There are two ways to add data points to a machine:

  • Each point added individually from scratch
  • From another machine

Adding Points individually

On the Data Points page, click the New icon  in the Action column to open the New Data Point Creation page.

See this article for details on each field and its properties.

Once all necessary fields have been entered, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save icon . Once saved, the page will reload to the main data points page, and your new data point should be added to the list of data points set for your machine.

Adding data points from another machine

Note that this function cannot be used for machines which are already collecting data.

There are two ways to import machine data points from one machine to another. These are explained in further detail in the links below.

Editing, Copying and Deleting Data Points

Please note: Generally, the data points on a running data collection job cannot be deleted – only data points on machines with no running collection job can be removed. Furthermore, while points can be added or edited on a running data collection job, the changes will not take effect until the job is restarted.
Some customers are able to make changes and restart the collection job themselves – see this article for details on how to make edits to or remove data points from a running data collection job.

In the Customer Portal, on the Admin Tools > Data Points page, in the Actions column:

 – Allows user to edit the selected data point

 – Copy the selected data point. An Edit Data Point page will appear, clicking the Save icon  will save it as a new point.

 – Delete the selected point. If the point is being used in a data collection job, it cannot be removed.

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