Process Capability Report

To generate a customized Capability Report, you must have Quality Management enabled on your machine.
  1. Log into the Customer Portal, select a machine, and go to the Quality tab.
  2. From Test Results, find the item you’d like to generate a capability report for. Note that you may have to change the time period using the show icon icon as the displayed item list defaults to the last 7 days. Please note that this item must have a numeric test result value, as the report will not work with test results that require a true/false answer. Also remember the item’s test method name as this will be used later.process data menu
  3. Grab the item’s product number listed in the corresponding column. Save this number as you will need it later.
  4. From the left menu, select Reports, and select the Process Capability report.
  5. Go through the report generation process, selecting the necessary parameters as you go.


Creating a working report can be a tricky process. Here are some tips to help with creating the perfect report for your needs.

During report generation, it is recommended that you choose the following options:

  • In step 2, select all options.
  • In step 3, use the product number found earlier from the Test Results page. Type it into the search bar for easy access to your desired item.
  • In step 4, use the test method name from earlier to select the displayed details for your report.
  • In step 5, expanding the date range to a longer time period may help with creating desirable report results.
  • In step 7, choosing a lower sample size (1 for example) may provide more desirable report details.

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