The Overview page provides a list of machine badges, each displaying the running state, machine speed, and 24-hour productivity figures shown in OEE values.
In order for machine values to be properly calculated, the system needs to know which shift schedules to apply the machine productivity to the right place. This is why it’s important to enter the shift schedules properly for your machines.

Above the badges some filter options are available.

  • Location – allows selection of a specific location. If you have machines at multiple plants, you can use this function to view machines at a location of your choice.
  • Time Period – allows selection of a specific time period for which machine OEE values should be evaluated for:
    • Over the last 24 hours
    • the current machine shift
    • The current job running on the machine.

OEE values will be recalculated on the machine badges based on your selection.

  • Order By – provides multiple options by which machine badges can be sorted. These include:
    • Name
    • Serial Number
    • OEE
    • Speed
  • Size – Click the plus or minus icons to change the size of all displayed machine badges. Pressing the circle-shaped icon   resets badges to their default size.

The Overview page remembers the settings for Location, Time Period & Order By from your last session. 

Machine Badges

Each machine badge communicates the following basic state information:

  • Title / Machine Name – This is the Customer Nickname of the machine.  The administrator can change this name to match what you call it on your plant floor.
  • Serial Number – The manufacturer’s serial number of the machine.
  • Speed – The current actual Instantaneous Speed of the machine in units per time period as defined by the administrator.
  • Machine Speed (Chart) – Machine speed measured for the past 3 hours.
  • Material – The amount of material produced in the past 24 hours.
  • Machine State: There are two possible states for a machine:
    • Uptime – The time shown in green since the last stop
    • Downtime  – The time shown in red since the last run.

The following productivity data as measured over the past 24 hours is also displayed:

  • Availability – This is a measure of the time a machine has been up and running without any downtime.  This metric is dependent upon the time that the machine has been scheduled for production.
  • Performance – The average speed at which the machine has been running as a percentage of its designed maximum speed. The average machine speed is divided by the maximum machine speed to compute the performance.
  • Quality – The Good Material produced as a percentage of the Total Material produced.   This is also commonly referred to as First Pass Yield.
  • OEE – The Overall Equipment Effectiveness of the machine.  OEE is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) number indicating the overall operational performance of the machine. It takes into consideration the cumulative impact of the preceding 3 factors: the machine’s Availability, Performance, and Quality.

Other Ways to Monitor

Using the Tracker or by downloading one of the machine tracking apps for your mobile device, it is possible to monitor a machine on the go or outside of the workplace.

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